The Sierra Leone chapter of the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) was established in 1912. Our core competences include providing opportunities that enhances the holistic development of youth physically, through the mind and spiritually.


Our Mission Statement

“…an ecumenical Christian organization enhancing the capacity of young people in Sierra Leone using collaborative approaches for self reliance and holistic development.”


Our Vision Statement

“Empowering Young People for the African Renaissance”.


Our Core Values

We are a Christian Organization

We value honesty

We respect everyone’s opinion and views

We tolerate diversity and Partnership

We care for people and our environment

We spiritually uplift each other through our Christian values

Our Values on project and programme implementation:
• Our credibility lies in making astute strategic interventions for the promotion and welfare of women and young people;
• The YMCA-SL is selective in the nature and number of projects it seeks to take on for implementing;
• YMCA-SL puts premium on adding value to existing projects rather than churning out projects for projects’ sake.
• The YMCA-SL seeks for partnership or funding only where its staff and volunteers form a consensus that the best results for its beneficiaries will be achieved;
• In the same vein, the YMCA is tolerant as to how its staff and volunteers can best improve the overall long-term capacity of women and young people in Sierra Leone;
In pursuance of its strategic thinking, the YMCA-SL has reconstituted a strong team of professional staff with background and experiences in environmental issues, development, peace, agriculture, economics, education and accounting. The staff takes the lead in seeking solutions to the most imperative and urgent need of children, women and young people.