Programme Thrust 

• Gender and Youth Empowerment 
• Governance and Peace Building 
• Civic Engagement 
• Sport
• Mobile Health Clinic
• Formal Education 
• Climate Change
• Livelihood and Entrepreneurship 
• Advocacy (S2C)
• Agriculture

Our Niche

 We are the oldest and largest youth organization in Sierra Leone.

Our membership portfolio comprised of members and volunteers present in all the 23 communities we work.

we have been specialized in the development of youth programs for over a century with a proven record of a holistic youth development work.

Our community and national presence, connections and networks are strong; making us a household name in the country.

 We have a clean track record of past performance in managing and implementing major projects.

 We are part of the African Alliance of YMCA’s and the global YMCA family, denoting our commitment to sheared learning, collaboration, and networking.

 We have a strong volunteer base of young people and professionals serving in different leadership positions both at community and National Levels.

Empowering Young People for the African Renaissance