1.0 Project Name: Transforming Young Peoples’ Lives in Kroo Bay and Dworzack Slum Communities 

2.0 Overall Objective:
To bring about a demonstrable improvement in the lives of vulnerable young people and their families living in urban slums, focusing on young people as catalysts for community development

3.0 Specific Objectives:
• To provide quality vocational training and post training support for 1,200 disadvantaged young peoples to help them either gain employment or establish their own micro-enterprise;
• To provide basic literacy and numeracy and/or recreational activities for at least 300 out of school young people per year;

• To improve the quality of life of 20,000 people in two slum communities through targeted advocacy, community mobilization and capacity building activities led by young people;
• To improve the living conditions and environment of at least 2,000 people per year through slum upgrading pilot and demonstration project; and,
• To build the capacity of selected civil society organizations (CSOs) to scale up support to vulnerable young people and their families in urban slum areas.

4.0 Project Duration:
Sept 2007 – August 2011 (4yrs)

5.0 Updates:
• Two cycles of training have been conducted and third and final cycle now in progress targeting a total of 628 youth in Kroo Bay, Dworzack, Susan’s Bay Marbella. The skills included: catering, hairdressing, tailoring, masonry, carpentry, auto mechanics, and electrical installation. Training is outsourced to existing service providers in various parts of central and west end of Freetown.
• 179 beneficiaries registered in Kroo and Dworzack for micro–enterprise support
• Supported youth in Kroo Bay and Dworzack with recreational opportunities, and organize and engage in advocacy drives
• Adult Literacy Classes established in Kroo Bay and Dworzack targeting 25 learners each
• Conducted various life skills training in health and sanitation, HIV & AIDS, savings, group dynamics, advocacy, land rights and peace building
• Mobilized 1,200 members into savings groups which are now federated into Federation of Urban and Rural Poor – Sierra Leone (FEDURP-SL) in Freetown, Bo, Makeni and Kenema. They are also micro-credit with savings
• Conducted community profiling and socio-economic enumeration survey in Kroo Bay and Dworzack Donors: Comic Relief UK and Y Care International UK